15 Global Affairs Twitter Users You Probably Don’t Follow, But Should

Last week Foreign Policy magazine released their “Twitterati 100“, a list of the best Twitter users in the field of global politics. It is a good list and you should definitely check it out. However, in addition to those 100, there are other great Twitter users who did not make the “Twitterati” cut that you should follow as well. They come from a variety of  different fields, but they all make you think and occasionally laugh out loud.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 15 of them:

1) Aaron Connelly – Former Fulbrighter and current think-tanker with extensive knowledge, and opinion, on Southeast Asian politics.

2) Adam L. Kushner – Humanitarian surgeon working for Surgeons Overseas. Very knowledgeable in disaster medicine and West Africa.

3) Ali Gharib – Liberal pundit for Think Progress and other outlets.

4) Amil Khan – Freelance Middle East correspondent with extensive experience in conflict-zones.

5) Andrew Chappelle – Producer for Al Jazeera English.

6) Andrew Lebovich – Think-tanker working on Middle East and North Africa issues.

7) Annie Feighery – Global Health researcher in maternal health.

8) Christine Parthemore – Think-tanker working on the connection between environmental issues and national security.

9) Dan Murphy – Journalist for the Christian Science Monitor, recently returned from Libya.

10) David Gartenstein-Ross – Counterterrorism and religious radicalization expert.

11) Jason Fritz – Former U.S. Army officer, writes for a influential Ink Spots counterinsurgency blog.

12) Lauren Jenkins – Coordinator for the Education For Peace In Iraq Center.

13) Michael Innes – Author and researcher on post-conflict issues.

14) Semhar AraiaHorn of Africa analyst and founder of the Diaspora African Women’s Network

15) Tom Murphy – Aid worker and influential blogger on humanitarian issues.

I make no claims about the comprehensiveness of this list. It is rather only intended to be a starting-point to explore the Twitter foreign policy community. If you have any recommendations for people who should be on this list, post them in the comments section below.  Also, I would be remiss not to mention our own UN Dispatch Twitterati

Alanna Shaikh

Penelope Chester

Una Moore

Maggie Fick

Chris Albon

Diana Wueger

Carol Gallo

Ahmad Shuja

Mark Leon Goldberg

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