The Honduran family after applying for refugee status in the southern Mexican city of Tapachula. UNHCR / M. Echandi / May 2011

A Brewing Crisis at the Southern US Border

On May 11th a pandemic-era policy, known as Title 42, will expire. This was a Trump administration policy which used public health concerns as a pretext expel migrants from the United States before they could claim asylum under US and international law. Title 42 has continued under the Biden administration but is set to expire. American officials are bracing for a massive increase in the number of people seeking asylum at the southern US border.  This is shaping up to be a humanitarian crisis and bureaucratic crisis rolled up into one.

Joining me to help explain recent migration patterns in the Americas and the Biden administration’s approach to migration at the southern US border is Yael Schacher, director for America’s and Europe and Refugees International.

We kick off discussing one key node in an increasing number of migrants journeys known as the Darien Gap. We then have a broad discussion about the patchwork of US policies intended to handle asylum claims and offer a legal pathway to entry to the USA.

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