A New Agenda for Women and Girls: A UN Dispatch Salon


Starting on January 20, 2009, the next President will have a unique opportunity to create a new global agenda for the United States and right the course of America’s foreign policy. Adrienne Germain, President of the International Women’s Health Coalition, believes that such an agenda must include bold plans to improve the health and rights of women and girls around the world. She details her thoughts on what those plans should be in a paper (pdf) commissioned by the Better World Campaign — summarized in the included video.

To foster a discussion on these issues and what might be the most effective agenda for women and girls, UN Dispatch and RH Reality Check are hosting an online salon, in which the following have graciously agreed to participate:

Over the next few days, they will discuss Adrienne’s ideas, as well as their own. We hope you will join this discussion too. For the first time, UN Dispatch will open up posts for comments. You can also subscribe to the salon RSS feed, bookmark the salon archive, or submit your own ideas on OnDayOne.org. Enjoy.