A Paris Climate Talks Primer: What You Need to Know About the UN Climate Confab

The Paris Climate talks kick off in just a few short weeks. On November 30, president Obama and many other heads of state are going to start weeks of negotiations that if all goes according to plan, will usher in a new kind of international climate change regime.

These talks a huge deal for diplomacy and for the planet. On the line with me to discuss the contours of the talks, expected outcomes, the diplomatic intrigues and possible speed bumps along the way is Elliot Diringer, executive vice president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

For those of you who are less steeped in the complexities of climate diplomacy, this 20 minute conversation is a useful primer to the Paris talks. But as our conversation progresses we go deeper and deeper into the weeds, so there’s good fodder for you climate wonks as well.

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