A Victory for the UN…In Oklahoma!

As you probably were not aware, a member of the Oklahoma state legislature introduced a resolution last month to call on the U.S. Congress to withdraw from the United Nations. The Oklahoma state legislature has no authority over American relations with the United Nations, so the bill simply encouraged the US Congress to pull out of UNICEF, the WFP, The Security Council and all parts of the UN.

The bill sought to capitalize on the growing popularity in some quarters of a movement to oppose Agenda 21 — a decades old innocuous UN document on sustainable development that has been seized upon in recent months by conspiracy theorists.

But guess what? The bill failed! A reader passes along this statement from the Oklahoma City Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA.

A Victory for Supporters of American Engagement with the United Nations

March 16, 2012 — A legislative measure that was intended to force America to abandon its leadership in the United Nations failed to come up for a vote in the Oklahoma House of Representatives this week — effectively derailing the initiative for this session.

The legislative deadline for moving bills out of the House (and on toward consideration by the State Senate) was March 15th.  The House adjourned for the
day on the 15th without taking any action on HJR 1072, a bill that was opposed by members and friends of the United Nations Association.

HJR 1072 would have called upon the Congress of the United States to withdraw its approval of the United Nations Charter and resign from the UN Security
Council as well as all other UN agencies and organizations.

The Resolution had previously received a “Do Pass” recommendation from the House Rules Committee, and the chairman predicted easy passage on the House
floor.  But, that was before an advocacy campaign was launched by members of the United Nations Association.

Using email, postal mail, and phone calls, members and friends of the UN Association expressed their support for the preservation of America’s leadership role in the United Nations.  We pointed out that America’s support for the United Nations has been enduring and bi-partisan.  Over the span of seven decades, 12 American presidents have expressed their support for the United Nations Charter. Public opinion polls have consistently measured a high degree of popular support for the UN and its mission.

This is a resounding victory for Oklahomans who value the good work of the United Nations and its long-term goals of peace, human rights, sustainable development, and social progress in “larger freedom.”

I would like to extend my thanks to Speaker Kris Steele and his leadership team for their decision to defer action on HJR 1072.  This truly is one of those instances when the best course of action was to do nothing — to leave behind an idea that would have served to take America backward, accomplishing no useful purpose.

A big “Thank You” should also be offered to everyone who called, email’d, and wrote letters to their State Representatives.  Your efforts made a difference, and you deserve to take a victory lap.  If you have ever doubted the effectiveness of an informed group of citizens raising their voices collectively, please remember
this moment.

Let’s continue our advocacy in favor of proper American leadership in the United Nations.

Bill Bryant
President, OKC Chapter
United Nations Association of the USA

Good to know there is much love in the heartland for a more responsible kind of American global engagement.