About that Tsvangirai Guardian Op-ed

It appears that yesterday’s Guardian Op-ed, in which Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai urged the international community to back up their “words of indignation…by the moral rectitude of military force,” was something of a fraud. In a letter the editor Tsvangirai denies authorship of the piece.

An article that appeared in my name, published in the Guardian (Why I am not running, June 25), did not reflect my position or opinions regarding solutions to the Zimbabwean crisis. Although the Guardian was given assurances from credible sources that I had approved the article this was not the case.

By way of clarification I would like to state the following: I am not advocating military intervention in Zimbabwe by the UN or any other organisation.

This is thoroughly bizarre coming from the Guardian, which has taken down the original op-ed with out explanation. In the meantime, yesterday’s post on the implications of UN intervention in Zimbabwe has been updated.