After the Ceasefire: the Next Urgent Steps

By Kofi Annan

“The agreement signed between the government of Sudan and the largest rebel movement in Darfur on May 5 gives the world one more chance to bring peace to that unhappy region. The Peace and Security Council of the African Union is meeting on Monday in Addis Ababa to see how best to take the agreement forward. The rest of the world must also engage rapidly and without reservation if the opportunity the agreement offers is not to be lost.The talks that led to the agreement were long and very hard. Many people share the credit for bringing them to an at least partly successful conclusion. But this is not a moment for anyone to bask in congratulations. Darfur is still far from being at peace. Last Monday, while the United Nation’s top humanitarian envoy was visiting a camp for displaced people, rioting broke out and an interpreter for the African Union Mission (Amis) was hacked to death.” [Link: subscription req.]

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