Air Strikes in Libya Could Come Within Hours of UN Vote

Via InnerCity Press, a draft copy of the Security Council resolution contains this paragraph:

In case you can’t read through the fine print, the resolution is basically authorizing the use of force–presumably targeted air strikes–against the pro-Qaddafi forces that are massing outside the gates of Benghazi.

The thing is, if various reports about Qaddafi’s intentions to sack Benghazi in the coming day are accurate, it would mean that to actually protect civilians of Benghazi the international community would need to act on this resolution within hours of its passage.  There really is not much time to waste.

If the final resolution passes with this language intact, does that mean we should expect missiles to rain down on Qaddafi’s forces sometime tonight? Presumably so.

UPDATE: The Council passed the resolution 10 to 0 to 5 Abstentions. The countdown to intervention begins.