Arms Trafficking and the NRA

To believe conspiracy theorists like National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre, the United Nations Small Arms Review Conference is one step on the slippery slope toward global mind control. But back here on planet earth, the conference will address best practices for combating the illicit trafficking of small arms by transnational criminal organizations. The conference will say nothing about the lawful ownership of guns by citizens in the United States or elsewhere. Rather, it will bring member countries together to forge a common strategy to combat gun runners and their pernicious effect on global security. Among other nefarious activities, criminals that profit from the illicit sale of small arms are responsible for putting lightweight AK 47’s in the hands of small children in Liberia and Northern Uganda and pairing stockpiles of weapons with militias in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Further, according to Interpol, the same transnational organized criminal groups that profit from the sale of arms are also likely to form cozy business relations with terrorist organizations like al Qaeda.

The fact is, any action taken to impede the UN’s efforts to curb the illegal trafficking of arms is a danger to millions around the globe.

[Ed. note: also read Statement by Ambassador Stuart Holliday, U.S. Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs to the United Nations on Small Arms and Light Weapons, in the Security Council, February 17, 2005]