Around the World in US Embassy Protests

As expected, today is a big day of protests against American diplomatic missions around the Muslim world. Here is a quick summary of what is happening and where.


State-backed preachers called for demonstrations against the USA. And Sudan’s foreign ministry critized Germany for allowing a protest last month by activists carrying caricatures of Mohammed. Photos depicted smoke billowing from the German embassy in Khartoum; Reuters has reported gunfire and security breaches at the US embassy in Khartoum.


There are several reports via Twitter of fires either in or around the US embassy in Tunis.  Reputable Twitter sources have passed along this photo of the US embassy compound.


President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood cancelled planned Friday protests at the last minute. That was probably a smart move,  Here’s a picture of Tahrir, via Twitter.


From CNN: “A U.S. Marine Corps security team is being sent to help protect U.S. diplomatic installations in Yemen, including the Embassy in Saana, a senior U.S. official said, according to CNN’s Barbara Starr. Earlier today, Yemeni police opened fire to stop protesters from reaching the U.S. Embassy in Saana, witnesses said.”


A Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was set ablaze in Tripoli. 

Needless to say, this is a very rough day for US diplomacy.