Ashton beats CNN, UN Dispatch finishes third

Ok, it’s official. Ashton Kutcher is more popular than CNN. Early this morning, Ashton got his millionth follower on Twitter. CNN passed the mark a half-hour later. Dispatch is, well, still a little short (seriously, follow us — text “follow undispatch” to 40404 or visit our full feed).

But, of course, everyone’s a winner here. Both Ashton and CNN pledged to donate 10,000 bed nets if they won. A great example to be sure; follow their lead by going to to send a net and save a life — only $10. You can also check out what others are doing. Nothing But Nets, among other things, is currently trying to send 275,000 bed nets to protect vulnerable refugee populations in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania.

Ashton celebrated his victory with a video victory dance to “Celebration” with Demi and friends.

CNN was less outgoing than Ashton, but clearly annoyed at the defeat. Some nuggests from the CNN report on Ashton’s victory:

Some online writers told CNN that the contest is symbolic of the state of Twitter, which gained media attention because of its applications for news organizations, but is starting to be dominated by strong personalities with cult followings.

CNN maintains 45 official Twitter accounts, with a total of more than 1.3 million followers. Kutcher was racing the network’s breaking-news feed specifically.

And, the biggest diss…Ashton’s victory story is now the 13th headline in CNN’s latest news column — below “‘Crack was my friend,’ ex-addict says” and “Forgotten nut could save lives and forests.” Ouch.

Seriously, send a net, save a life.