Blair on UN Reform


“The United Nations must become more effective in tackling global terrorism, Tony Blair has said. He said that new worldwide threats mean that the international community must act “earlier and more effectively”, and that a UN debate is needed on how that can happen.

“The whole point about the international community today is that these problems are urgent, they need to be tackled. If they’re not tackled, the consequences are very quickly felt around the world. And you have got to have institutions that are capable of taking them on and tackling them and getting action taken.”His comments at a White House press conference come ahead of a speech in which the Prime Minister will urge the reform of international institutions such as the UN and the International Monetary Fund to take account of the new politics of globalization.

At a joint press conference, Mr Blair told reporters: “What we want to do is make sure that the UN is an effective instrument to multi-lateral action.” [Read more]