Blog Roundup #10

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

DAILY KOS (Hunter): “There are a great many Republicans out there who are incensed that we aren’t talking more about Saddam Hussein’s corruption of the Oil for Food program, since his circumvention of oil sanctions was yet another of the ostensible reasons we had to launch a preemptive war. So, fine, let’s discuss.”

MAJIKTHISE: “I have, on several occasions, promised myself that I would not write any more Bolton posts. The basic issues are clear; anyone who is reading this blog has presumably already made his or her mind up, so why bother? But then some new detail emerges…”

POWER LINE: “[Mark] Steyn’s core observation, that “John Bolton’s sin is to have spoken the truth about the international system,” seems incontrovertible. Steyn agrees with Cliff May that “the real debate is between those who think the U.N. needs reform — and those who think the U.S. needs reform.”

WASHINGTON NOTE: “I’m in Denver for the weekend… Virtually everyone I’ve met — from liberal internationalist to classic conservative to hard core libertarian — thinks that John Bolton is either “damaged goods” at this point or is the wrong person to represent American interests in the U.N.”