Blog Roundup #111

Bolton Watch: “Public officials cannot be responsible for the opinions of the people who interview them. But they can be judicious with whom they choose to grant interviews. It is therefore a wonder why Ambassador John Bolton would grant an interview to Pamela Oshry, proprietor of the anti-Muslim hate website “Atlas Shrugs.”

Glenn Greenwald: “U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, on Saturday, in the middle of the most pressing crisis the U.N. has faced since he was appointed to that position, decided to sit for an hour-long, one-on-one “interview” and chose as his journalistic interrogator . . . LGF commenter Pamela “Atlas” Oshry of the blog AtlasShrugs, whose views are so far outside of what is mainstream, in equal parts inane and despicable, that it would be impossible to describe fully.”

Think Progress: “‘Violence against women in Afghanistan is widespread and mainly happens inside victims’ homes,’ according to a report from the U.N. Development Fund for Women. ‘Acts of violence (against women) are happening with impunity,’ the report said.”Coalition for Darfur: “From WFP – WFP has urged the international community to help end the misery in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, where almost half a million people are now cut off from emergency food aid because of fighting and attacks.”

Liberty and Justice: “It seems that Rice is becoming less of a hawk every single day or so. According to USA Today, Rice said that it’s not up to the UN forces to disarm Hizbullah — that must be done by the Lebanese government, so she says.”