Blog Roundup #12

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

WASHINGTON NOTE: “I have heard lots of “non-denial denials” in the past, but George Galloway’s rejection and “full-body denial” of all accusations posed by Norm Coleman yesterday was as clear and resolute as could be imagined. Coleman and Senator Carl Levin clearly have access to some intelligence that makes them think that Galloway is guilty of some complicity in the U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal, but if Galloway is correct, which he declares boldly himself to be, then there is something deeply wrong with the intel we are getting out of Iraq.”

THE MODERATE VOICE: “British politician George Galloway was in Washington yesterday to clear his name in the oil-for-food scandal – and came out with both verbal barrels blazing as he ripped into what he suggested was the hypocrisy of American politicians and the Bush administration.”

MAHABLOG: “Julian Borger and Jamie Wilson of the Guardian dropped a bomb on the UN oil-for-food scandal so beloved by the Right, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the righties to acknowledge it.”

PARDON MY ENGLISH: “The United States Air Force is seeking a new national security directive which may allow the U.S. to field offensive and defensive space-based weapons systems. While it is to be expected that there will be the usual caterwauling from the “peaceful uses of space/let the United Nations govern the universe” crowd, they should be paid precious little heed.”