Blog Roundup #16

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

DEMOCRACY ARSENAL: “In response to my post yesterday on the beefing up of UN peacekeeping capabilities, Greg at Belgravia Dispatch raised the question of whether we would ever entrust missions “of utmost import to our national security” to a UN force…. We may never hand something akin from a strategic perspective to Iraq over to the UN, but its easy to envision a mission in Darfur – provided the killings can be stopped – being handled by the world body.”

TREEHUGGER: “A recent survey may have found that some young people aren’t engaged by environmental issues, but the United Nations Environment Program is not planning on leaving them uninformed.”

WAR AND PIECE: “How does the Senate deal affect the Bolton nomination? Steve Clemons reports on several developments, including the Democratic Caucus discussion on Bolton today.”