Blog Roundup #2

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Chez Nadezhda: “With all the ink spilt and airwaves filled about John Bolton and UN reform, very little in the way of “what exactly do we mean by reform” has been discussed by either proponents or opponents of Bolton’s nomination.”

Democracy Arsenal: “It’s extremely healthy for the policy blogs like Democracy Arsenal to expand beyond Bolton himself to the specifics of UN reform.”

Fire of Liberty: “Bolton possesses the qualities that most effective diplomats need to have in order to get things accomplished.”

Outside the Beltway: “If Bolton’s chief flaw is that he is sometimes rude to subordinates who turn in subpar performances, I don’t see that as a disqualifier.”

War and Piece: “Perhaps not surprisingly, there’s little sunlight between the Annan reform proposal and the ideas discussed by Condoleezza Rice’s UN advisor.”

Washington Note “There is a large group of people — liberal, conservative, and centrist — who have each played a key role in bringing the opposition to John Bolton’s nomination where it has come.”