Blog Roundup #24

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Chrenkoff: “United Nations World Food Program reports that “a total of 19,196 mt of commodities (including High Energy Biscuits, wheat flour, vegetable oil and pea/wheat blend) have thus far been dispatched into Iraq under WFP’s current emergency operation.”

Daily Kos: “US to Iraq: Listen to the UN – The Bush administration, seeking to close the continuing rift between Shiite and dissident Sunni Arab leaders in Iraq, is enlisting Europe, the Arab world and the United Nations to pressure the Baghdad government to include minorities in the political process, administration and other diplomats say.”

Charging RINO: “In order to make the United Nations an effective international institution as we move forward, this country must provide strong leadership and push for meaningful changes in the organization that will result in a more efficient, more useful, and more streamlined international response to events around the world.”

Scrivener’s Error: “According to today’s NYT, a Congressionally mandated panel will report this week that the United Nations suffers from poor management, “dismal” staff morale and lack of accountability and professional ethics but will acknowledge the broad changes proposed for the organization by Secretary General Kofi Annan and urge the United States to support them.”