Blog Roundup #28

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Campaign 2008: “John Kerry gets Op/Ed space in today’s New York Times to discuss the speech the President should give…(referring to the President’s live televised speech on Iraq, tonight from Fort Bragg, NC). Read the entire piece here: “The administration must work with the Iraqi government to establish a multinational force to help protect its borders. Such a force, if sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, could attract participation by Iraq’s neighbors and countries like India.”

Coalition for Darfur: “UN Refugee Agency Fears for Darfur Children – From Reuters: “The world was not paying enough attention to the plight of children in Sudan’s west Darfur, where many were forced to join armed groups or were separated from their families, the U.N. refugee agency said on Monday. “The whole issue of child protection is one that deserves more focus,” said Erika Feller, director of international protection at the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).”

Iraq Solidarity Campaign: “Rescuing Iraq – UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, writing in The Washington Post Tuesday, assured the Iraqi people that the international community “stands with them in their brave efforts to rebuild their country”. But Annan also emphasised the need for “a broad-based and inclusive strategy that embraces the political transition, development, human rights and institution-building, so that all of Iraq’s communities see they stand to be winners in the new Iraq.”

Political Forecast: “Bolton looks set for a recess appointment – A big political loss for the Bush White House if true. Frist announced the schedule for the rest of this week this morning and there was no mention of Bolton at all. Expect a recess appointment next week. Steve Clemons has more.”

Say Uncle: “Say Uncle’s resident troublemaker Hellbent links to this article which notes that the legal structure used in the past to address piracy can be adapted to the terror war: “International Law lacks a definition for terrotism as a crime. According to Secretary General Kofi Annan, this lack has hampered “the moral authority of the United Nations and its strength in condemning” the scourge.”

World Changing: “There was a lot of anecdotal evidence that where healthy mangrove greenbelts — and coral reefs — still lined the coast, they blunted the impact of the tsunami and saved lives. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) is encouraging assessing the “unseen value” of healthy ecosystems, which might in turn encourage governments to factor them into development plans. The second report in the U.N.’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Biodiversity and Human Well-being, estimates that about two and a half intact acres (one hectare) of mangrove swamp in Thailand is worth about $1,000 a year in benefits such as fishing and soil protection, but worth only $200 a year if converted to intensive farming.”