Blog Roundup #36

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Afghan Warrior: “A UN spokesman on Friday said Pakistan had decided to shut down all the Afghan refugee camps in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and also from the country’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan, by August 31…. The government of Pakistan should not force Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan; it is against the agreements that were signed three years ago between Pakistan, Afghanistan and U.N.”

Washington Note: “The United Nations does a lot more than provide a forum for American presidents to circumvent when they want to launch a war. From peace keeping, to responding to natural disasters, to trying war criminals, the UN performs important functions that a single nation cannot.”

Coalition for Darfur: “From Humanitarian Hijinks – “Khartoum remains tense today as a third day of violence draws to a close (I am told one of my favourite pizza places has been smashed up in the riots). Things here Darfur are as calm as usual apart from a few grumbling clouds of rain. While the UN has been telling its staff to get their emergency evacuation bags ready, the locals are still trying to figure out what it all means for Sudan.”

Political Animal: “Who says John Bolton can’t be an effective diplomat? From the BBC: “Beijing will work with the United States to block a plan to add new permanent members to the UN Security Council, China’s UN ambassador says. Wang Guangya said he agreed the deal with the new US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, at a meeting.” Ah, our great allies, the Chinese. It’s good to see that Bolton knows just where to go when he needs some likeminded help putting sand in the gears of UN reform.”

Sepia Mutiny: “The Toronto Star reported last month: “The United Nations said it will investigate a number of allegations from reliable sources that the U.S. is detaining terrorist suspects in undeclared holding facilities, including on board ships believed to be in the Indian Ocean.”