Blog Roundup #37

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

BOP News: Paul Volcker’s investigation has been thorough and unflinching, and promises another installment in a definitive report. If the UN believes in its mission then it should take the opportunity to clean house. There isn’t room for corruption in the 21st century.”

Civil Commotion: “The United Nations is distributing a board game called The Road to Peace to Afghani children to teach them about the reconstruction now underway in Afghanistan…. Some 10,000 copies of the game are being handed out across Afghanistan to war-affected children, former child soldiers and refugee families, said Adrian Edwards, spokesman for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.”

Iddybud: “I just love today’s Arianna Huffington piece – her latest on the Judy Miller file. Arianna has been talking to Gore Vidal, one of my personal favorites. Arianna says: “During a conversation with Gore Vidal we talked about the fact that we had both heard from different people that Judy was planning to start writing a book about her experiences in the Plame case while in jail. The last articles she wrote before going to jail — about Kofi Annan and that neocon bugaboo, the UN — stand as an example of sloppy and slanted journalism.”

Memory Hole: “The UN really is at the behest of US power – not that this is anything to celebrate. Where former administrations have tried to create at least the impression of a more nuanced, multilateral outlook however, the Bush administration is confronting the UN – and any other potentially independent international fora – head-on.”

Sudan Watch: “UN envoy urges quick decisions on status of oil-rich regions in central Sudan – Aug 8 AFP report via Gulf Times: “UN special envoy for Sudan Jan Pronk said quick decisions were needed on the status of several oil-rich regions in central Sudan claimed by both Khartoum and the SPLM where militia activity continues despite the accord.”