Blog Roundup #4

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Brothers Judd: “U.S. Lambastes Iran, N. Korea at U.N. Meeting” … Good thing John Bolton hasn’t been confirmed or they’d be feeling lambasteder.”

Lucianne: “Sit-ins, human-chain demonstrations and a U.N. conference were underway or scheduled in countries from the Philippines to Senegal for the 15th annual World Press Freedom Day.”

Polianna: “By simply pursuing the United Nations website one can find a multitude of sub-organizations that do everything from research on agriculture to preserving global culture to some of the best anti-poverty work being done today.”

Sudan: The Passion of the Present: “Even though both the Bush administration and the United Nations have spoken out on the situation in Darfur, with U.S. officials even terming it a case of genocide, the Khartoum government has remained entrenched.” [Washington Post]