Blog Roundup #42

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Oxblog: “A front-page story in the WaPo reports that “traces of bomb-grade uranium found two years ago in Iran came from contaminated Pakistani equipment and is not evidence of a clandestine nuclear weapons program, a group of U.S. government experts and other international scientists has determined.” In the case of Iran … is it simply nationalist pride that prevents cooperation with UN inspectors?”

Open Democracy: “The UN and Baghdad: two years on – Kofi Annan pays tribute to the 22 people killed in the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad on 19 August 2003. Among them was head of the UN mission, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and openDemocracy columnist Arthur Helton. Gil Loescher, Arthur’s friend and co-columnist who was badly wounded in the attack, bears witness and looks ahead.”

First Draft: “Looks like our new ambassador to the UN has thrown a monkey wrench into the UN reform process at the last minute: “The United States has launched a last-minute drive to scrap much of a draft plan for comprehensive U.N. reform just weeks before it is to be adopted at a world summit, Western diplomats said on Wednesday.”

Global Voices Online: “Sub-Saharan Africa – Displaced people in the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur have written to the United Nations, calling on officials to prevent further delays in peace talks between government and rebel forces, writes aid-worker Sleepless in Sudan.”

Sudan Watch: “A BBC report today says Tony Blair has been urged to use his influence to increase support for an international deal to stop genocide: “The charity Oxfam has praised the UK’s commitment to the deal but hopes the PM will persuade less willing states. The pact, which would oblige countries to intervene when there is evidence of genocide in another nation, is to be tabled at a UN Summit next month. Final negotiations over the agenda for the UN’s meeting in New York – set to be the biggest ever summit of world leaders – will begin with Oxfam seeking to safeguard the proposals for international cooperation to respond to mass killings.”

TBogg: “So, how long before the 101st Fighting Keyboarders turn their, um, Keyboards of Rage, on Colin Powell: “A former top aide to Colin Powell says his involvement in the former secretary of state’s presentation to the United Nations on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was “the lowest point” in his life.”

TT Children: “On Front line of Niger’s war against hunger, Unicef wields porridge and Syringe – UN News Service – On the front line of the global battle to stop starvation in drought-stricken Niger, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) stands armed with a life-saving porridge for undernourished children and syringes to vaccinate against killer diseases.”