Blog Roundup #6

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Betsy’s Page: “Joel Mowbray, who does some of the more interesting investigative journalism of any columnist, reminds us of the love fest that Richard Holbrooke faced before a GOP Senate Committee when he was nominated to be Ambassador to the UN.”

Blog Critics: “Is the United Nations necessary in spite of its failures? The answer is yes and the reason is because there is no other international forum of comparable importance and almost global representation.”

Dead Pool: “Uncle Walter waves his NO NUKES sign a bit higher in the face of the old news networks… “When it comes to reporting on nuclear arms, the U.S. news media let readers and viewers down, giving them only part of the story, former news anchor Walter Cronkite said Wednesday. The celebrated CBS retiree, joining in a panel discussion on the sidelines of a U.N. conference on the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.”

Knitting for Boozehags: “Surely we can find a nominee for UN Ambassador that America can support and get behind — not someone who divides our country and alienates our allies.”