Burma’s Big Odd Box – Not So Sinister?


In my last post on Burma, I mentioned a “Big Odd Box” that many people suspected was related to a nuclear program. Arms Control Wonk  has a detailed analysis of the building and its surrounding terrain, and they have come to the conclusion that it’s most likely not related to a nuclear program. Here is the relevant excerpt:

“There are numerous aspects of this facility which suggest that, while it may have some part to play in Burma’s nuclear program, it is not the site of the covert nuclear plant or reprocessing center. Firstly, recall the cooling requirements for a North Korean reactor design. There is no indication of any nearby source of water, or any significant piping from such a source, to provide the necessary water needed to cool the reactor.”

I’m always up for some good news, and the blog post is satisfyingly conclusive. Of course, that doesn’t mean there is no nuclear program. It just means this weird building isn’t part of it.