Calling All Bloggers, Photographers, Journalists or Anyone With a Humanitarian Story to Tell

Regular readers of UN Dispatch will recognize The Development and Aid World News Service –DAWNS Digest from our daily “Top of the Morning” feature.

DAWNS Digest is a side project of mine run in conjunction with the excellent aid blogger Tom Murphy.  We started DAWNS Digest on a hunch that a community of global news consumers could be nurtured, inspired and empowered to support compelling global humanitarian journalism. Our idea was pretty simple: We sell subscriptions to a global humanitarian news aggregation service to people who value easy access to that kind of news, then use our revenue to support nuanced international reporting and storytelling that this community craves.

With the launch of our new mobile app, we think we can take this model to the next level. You can learn about all the great features of our mobile here, but the reasoning behind it is what I want to emphasize. We think 1) There are a few thousand people out there who would pay a couple dollars a month to receive timely updates on parts of the world the mainstream media tends to ignore. 2) This community has a rooting interest to help journalists, photographers, and online media tell local stories of global significance.

We are one year into this experiment and we think we are onto something. So far, major international NGOs and government agencies, students, and global news junkies of all stripes have signed up for an email version of our aggregation service. Through a competitive voting process, these subscribers helped select three very interesting international reporting projects to support over the past year.

I am now pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for two (2) new $1,000 global humanitarian reporting grants.

These grants are open to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you are a blogger, photographer, filmmaker, journalist or simply have a compelling global humanitarian story to share, I strongly encourage you to apply. These grants are also being supported by Global Citizen, which is a community dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty.

You can learn more about our grant and fill out an easy application by visiting this page.

If you’d like to try out DAWNS Digest, you can download our app or receive a free month trial of our email-based service.

Send us an email at if you have any questions