Can UN Peacekeeping Adapt to a Fast Changing Global Security Landscape?

A panel of independent experts recently published an exhaustive and hotly awaited report on the future of UN Peacekeeping. The panel was lead by Jose Ramos Horta, the Nobel Laureate and former president of East Timor–a country where peacekeeping played a key role in its turbulent early ears.

The report was a pretty big deal in UN circles. And its release provides a good inflection point to discuss UN peacekeeping, the big challenges it faces, and how current trends in global security are going to force the UN to adapt.

My guest today, Richard Gowan, is a columnist at World Politics review and an editor of the Global Peace Operations Review. He is one of my favorite UN pundits and I am thrilled to have him back on the podcast to discuss this new report and all things UN Peacekeeping.

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