Congress Actually Did Something Worthwhile and in the Service of Humanity

If you follow US politics even just slightly you will probably be surprised to learn that Congress actually did something last week. And deeper still, the action they took was broadly in the service of humanity.

Just after the July 4th holiday Congress passed the Global Food Security Act, which was a piece of legislation that will inform how the US government fights hunger worldwide.

On the podcast to discuss the bill is, Judith Rowland who was deep in the trenches of the years-long effort to pass this bill. She is the US government relations lead for the Global Poverty Project and we spoke just a few hours before the passage of this bill.

Judith discusses what is contained in the bill, including the strengthening of an Obama administration program known as Feed the Future. And we also discuss how in such a polarized political environment, something like the Global Food Security Act could get passed.

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