The Crisis in Venezuela, explained

Venezuela is at yet another crisis point. The government of Nicolas Maduro is facing steep opposition from the very people that swept Maduro’s predecessor and mentor Hugo Chavez to power nearly 20 years ago. But after years of sharp economic decline it appears that the “revolution’s” hold on power is a tenuous as ever.

On the line to explain what is going on in Venezuela is Francisco Toro, editor of the news website Caracas Chronicles. He discusses how the situation reached this point and why there is such high probability of violence.  Toro describes the poor economic decision making that drained Venezuela’s coffers as the oil boom went bust and how the political leadership in the country is responding to ever growing popular discontent.

Things are definitely heating up in Venezuala. If you have 20 minutes and want a deeper understanding of what is going on in Venezuela and its regional and global implications, have a listen.

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