CSW 2010: Why This U.S. Based Feminist Gives a Damn

This week marks the kickoff of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a 2-week, woman-focused conference that takes place annually at the United Nations (UN). Basically, this means that for the next two weeks, THE principal global policy-making body will be dedicating itself exclusively to the pursuit of gender equality and the advancement of women. Pretty exciting stuff, right?!?!?

*Cricket Chirp* *Cricket Chirp*

Wait….what? You’re not falling over in your chair with excitement about this event? Come to think of it, where’s the buzz around the domestic U.S. feminist blogosphere? Shouldn’t we all be as excited about this as we are about, say, Lady Gaga? Can’t help but pull a Hanson here and ask…”Where’s the love“??? (for C-S-dubs?)

Although it’s disappointing, I’m not too surprised when I hear folks express apathy/cynicism towards the UN in general and the CSW in particular, especially since I myself have harbored those same kinds of feelings towards the UN in the past. It can seem like with all the acronyms and jargon being used, many delegates don’t want members of civil society to get involved, or that they are creating a deliberate barrier for non-UN folks to get to the content. It can also sometimes feel like the progress being made there isn’t real or important, since things. move. so. slowlyyyyyyy. sometimes.

But I’m one U.S.-based domestic feminist who is now sold on the importance of these two weeks, and I’ve worked with many international advocates who are as well.

Here’s why.

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