Disturbing News

From the Associated Press:

The United Nations health agency said Wednesday that it was monitoring vaccine supplies for yellow fever as it confirmed the first cases of the disease in a Latin American urban area in six decades. The World Health Organization said that there had been nine confirmed cases in the suburbs of Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion, and that three people had died.

Dr. William Perea, the W.H.O.’s yellow fever chief, said the disease, carried by mosquitoes, could spread quickly in built-up areas with poor sanitation.

To the extent that a disease can be completely eradicated from the globe, I was under the impression that yellow fever was basically gone. In fact, according to the World Health Organization not only is it still around, but yellow fever’s mosquito carrier is “once again infesting regions from which it was previously eradicated,” particularly in South America and the Caribbean. Scary.