DNC Dispatch: Day One Wrapup

by Travis Moore, reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Denver (cross-posted at On Day One)

Some of the highlights (and lowlights) of Day One at the DNC:

  • Breakfast with Global Leadership for Climate Action–a UN Foundation/Club of Madrid Partnership. Participants, including former heads of state, foreign ministers, business leaders and U.S. Ambassadors, express optimism about a post-Kyoto agreement with an Obama Administration.
  • Tim Wirth and John Podesta declare that Democrats’ Energy Plan doesn’t go far enough.
  • “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”–Ted Turner’s "words to live by" at the Philanthropy Forum.
  • Touche, Joe Lieberman? Jim Leach, former Republican representative from Iowa, begins the Convention with an Obama endorsement that doesn’t quite bring the house down.

  • Reports of a planned Obama assassination attempt abound.

  • A tribute to Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama praises Hillary, and James Carville thinks the first day was a failure.