DNC Dispatch: Day Three Wrapup

by Travis Moore, reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Denver (cross-posted at On Day One)

The Convention marches on…

  • Colorado is the key: Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe says internal polling shows that Swing voters favor Obama, and that, if Obama wins Colorado, McCain has a “5% chance of winning the election.”
  • Don't Go it Alone: New polling from the Better World Campaign shows that 66% of the public supports the U.S. "doing its fair share in the world."
  • Already thinking about 2012? The RNC has changed their primary calendar to allow at least one month of campaigning between the first round of states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina) and the rest.
  • Richard Haass: this is a sobering moment for international relations. The next president will face one of the most difficult tests of the past 200+ years.
  • Great political theater: Hillary has her name put on the Convention ballot…and then she yields New York's delegates to Obama to put him over the top.
  • From the Pepsi Center: