Dozens of Civilians Killed in US Strike

This raises the question of whether or not certain US rules of engagement have changed with President Trump? “An airstrike by U.S.-led coalition forces leveled a school west of Raqqa and killed at least 33 people, according to two activist groups monitoring Syria. The groups allege the attack, which they say occurred overnight on Monday and Tuesday, hit a building that had been housing families fleeing violence in war-torn areas nearby. According to one of those groups, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, the fate of 50 families who had been in the school in the village of Mansoura remains unknown. Both Raqqa and Mansoura are under the control of the Islamic State, which counts Raqqa as the de facto capital of its territorial claims.” (NPR

Here is the latest on the Westminster attack…(Guardian

Less than Four Months In, 2017 is Already a Crazy Weather Year…”Extreme weather and climate conditions, including Arctic “heatwaves”, are continuing this year, after 2016 topped the global temperature charts and saw shrinking sea ice and surging sea levels. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned Tuesday that the drastic shifts seen in the global climate system that resulted in a range of alarming records last year appear to be continuing unabated. “We are now in truly unchartered territory,” David Carlson, head of the World Climate Research Programme, said in a release from the WMO. (AFP

Alarming Stat of the Day…”Some 600 million children – or 1 in 4 children worldwide – will be living in areas with extremely limited water resources by 2040, according to a UNICEF report released on World Water Day. (UNICEF

Famine is Political Violence by Starvation. (UN Dispatch

This is What Makes a Country Happy. (UN Dispatch