Episode 10: Live from the UN, Volume II

The Podcast Keeps on Keeping on!

Here’s the set up for this week’s show: The UN Foundation invited a number of talk radio hosts to broadcast from inside the United Nations headquarters in New York and arranged for UN experts to stop by the broadcast room. I was nestled amongst the professional gabbers, grabbing smart, interesting people with interesting jobs for quick 5 to 10 minute interviews.

There were too many of these interview to fit into one episode, and you can listen to Volume 1 here.

Stopping by my booth in order of appearance were:

Sarah Crowe, UNICEF

Jo Scheuer, UN Development Program expert on disaster risk reduction

Dan Sheppard, Department of Public Information, specializing on climate issues.

Randy Rydell, UN Office for Disarmament Affairs

Andrew Rudd, UN Habitat

Roland Rich, UN Democracy Fund

Mahar Nasser, Creative Community Outreach

Boaz Paldi, UN Development Program

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