Richard Haass

Episode 145: Richard Haass


It’s a small victory for me as the interviewer when the person with whom I’m speaking admits that he is probably being overly candid — as Richard Haass did when he discussed some of his reasons for leaving the George W. Bush State Department over the Iraq war.

Richard Haass (of course) is President of the Council on Foreign Relations. His newest book is A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order which we discuss at the top of the episode.

I caught up with Richard just a couple hours after he finished interviewing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on stage at CFR in New York and we kick off discussing the Trump administration’s approach to the UN before having a conversation about his newest book and a good talk about his life and career. He opens up about the influence of his conservative father, striking a friendship with Colin Powell early in his career, and navigating the DC foreign policy bureaucracy before landing at CFR.

I was thrilled to speak with him–he’s someone that if you are listening to this podcast has probably had some amount of influence on how you see the world. If you want to learn the life story and career highlights of one of the more influential voices in American foreign policy have a listen.

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