Doro 14 Nov. 2012: A medical doctor examines a child at one of MSF healthposts in Doro refugee camp in Maban county, South Sudan. Since the end of 2011, Maban has experienced an influx of tens of thousands refugees from Blue Nile state in neighbouring Sudan. Approximately 115.000 refugees live in four camps, in Doro the number is an estimated 45.000 people (Nov. 2012).

Episode 97: MSF Nurse Michelle Mays, She Saves Lives in Crisis Zones

Michelle Mays is a nurse with Doctors without Borders, better known of course as MSF. She has worked in conflict zones, post conflict zones and generally very intense situations around the world to deliver health care and other services to vulnerable people.

Michelle Mays_bio photoMSF has a reputation in the humanitarian community for being the first to arrive and last to leave often times dangerous situations, and its been in the news recently for the fact that its hospitals have been bombed in Yemen, by Saudi forces and Afghanistan by Americans.

Michelle started her career as a nurse in Baltimore with an itch to work globally. We discuss some of her deployments in recent years, including to Haiti after the earthquake and to a remote part of India. We kick off discussing her most recent deployment to South Sudan.


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