Evacuating Haiti’s IDPs From Flood Plains (Video)

After the earthquake, parks, lawns and vacant lots became tent cities for people who lost their dwellings. Of course, it’s not as if people had time to conduct a geographic analysis of where they staked a tarp.  And as it turns out, many of these open spaces are prone to flooding.  That includes a golf course in Port au Prince, where some 5o,000 people staked tents or tarps. Once the rainy season hits in earnest, parts  f the golf course turn into a mud bath. 

Accordingly, there is a massive effort underway to move people from their emergency shelters to new, temporary shelters on sturdier land. (And, it should be said, in a way that provides for easier access to services and aid.) 

This video from Mark Turner of the International Organization from Migration shows the how the IOM and other international and local actors are trying to move people from the danger of the Pietonville camp to a new camp on higher ground. And yes, that is Sean Penn you see.  Apparently, he’s been staying in the camp for several weeks.