A Yazidi girl receives aid from the World Food Program.

Food Supplies are Running low for Displaced Yazidis in Iraq

There are 2.1 million people internally displaced in Iraq. This includes hundreds of thousands of Yazidis, a Kurdish religious sect that was targeted for genocide by the Islamic State.

Life is tough for displaced Yazidis, most of whom have fled to northern Iraq. They face a harsh winter without food, proper shelter or clothing. And the sad fact is that the international community is not financially contributing to their humanitarian needs in a sufficient way. The UN appealed for $2.23 billion for Iraq’s humanitarian crisis. So far, donors have only contributed about $650 million against that appeal. This leaves a huge funding gap, which translates into fewer provisions, like food, shelter and medicine, for Iraq’s displaced — including the Yazidi community.

This video from the World Food Program offers a rare glimpse into the life of Yazidi IDPs as winter sets in and humanitarian agencies race to provide basic humanitarian relief.

The Word Food Program’s funding for Iraq is running out and they need $29 million to support their Iraq operations between now and March. So far, donors have not stepped up to the plate.