Gaddafi Doesn’t Stop at Africa

Fresh off proposing — to a chorus of mostly unenthusiastic “ummmms” from other African heads of state — for the umpteenth time in his long career his dream of a “United States of Africa,” the “Leader,” Libya’s president, the-former terrorist-organizer-turned-nuclear-weapon-renouncing-friend-of-the-United States (of America, that is), Isratine-brewer, and now chairperson of the African Union has set his sights a bit farther east.

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has said he would like a United States of Africa to include “Caribbean islands with African populations”.

Col Gaddafi, speaking in Tripoli as the African Union’s (AU) new chairman, said this could include Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Given Gaddafi’s penchant for bestowing clever names on his fictional geopolitical creations, one can only assume that he would call this new entity the “United States of Afribbean.”