Global Dispatches Episode 2: Laura Seay (AKA @TexasinAfrica)

The podcast is going strong!

In this week’s episode, I talk with Dr. Laura Seay who you probably know better as @TexasinAfrica. I learn how the daughter of a preacher from a cotton farming community near Lubbock became one of America’s most influential Africanists. We talk about how activism around Africa (think: Kony 2012 and ‘conflict minerals’) often has nefarious consequences on the ground; how the DR Congo can get back on its feet; and, speaking of feet, why she cringes at the sight of TOMS shoes.

It’s a long, fun, and interesting conversation. Have a listen now, or download via Itunes.

The premise of Global Dispatches is pretty simple: there are only a relatively small handful of public intellectuals who shape how we think about global affairs. I want to interview them all and learn how their personal and professional journeys inform their foreign policy outlook.


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