Global Dispatches Episode 3: Dodge Billingsley, Filmmaker

Episode 3 of the Global Dispatches Podcast is here. There’s no stopping us now!

I chat with the filmmaker Dodge Billingsley, who is putting the final touches on a fascinating documentary that takes a look at the political and cultural challenges that face the eventual re-unification of the Korean peninsula. Dodge also spent several years covering the Chechen civil war and insurgency, which has obviously come into play given the recent events in Boston.

We talk about all that, plus the films that shaped our foreign policy worldview. I cite three movies that I found particularly influential: The Battle of Algiers, Doctor Strangelove and Contagion.  (Audience participation: what films would you choose? Let me know over Twitter)

Dodge’s films offer a depth of policy analysis that is unique to the medium, I recommend you check out his ouvre over at Combat Films and Research. And stay tuned for the release of Unfortunate Brothers: Korea’s Unification Dilemma.

In the meantime: Have a listen now, or download our conversation via Itunes.


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