Global Fund Replenishment; UNHCR on Pakistan Flooding; SG to brief press tomorrow

Global Fund Replenishment: The SG chaired the 3rd Global Fund Replenishment talks today, stating that the Global Fundhas been one of the major success stories of the 21st century and calling on the international community to defeat AIDS, TB and Malaria completely. Due to its support, roughly 5.7 million lives have been saved, AIDS drugs have been provided to 2.8 million, TB treatment for 7 million and 122 million bed nets have been distributed – supporting the SG’s projection that malaria can end by 2015.  In a press conference this afternoon, the SG, Michael Kazatchkine (Executive Director of the Global Fund) and Richard Manning (Vice-Chair of Replenishment of the Global Fund) informed the press that more than $11.5 billion was raised in the talks, a 20% increase.  Notable commitments were made by the U.S., Japan, Canada, France, Australia and Norway. In particular, the U.S. made a multi-year commitment for the first time, with a 38% increase in contribution. Other donors include the European Commission, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Chevron. The Global Fund also welcomed new contributors such as the United Methodist Church, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and the Africa Initiative. While the Global Fund did not reach its proposed goal of $20 billion, Kazatchkine stressed the understanding that it will not cut programs, but rather efforts to scale up will not be as fast as they ideally want.

UNHCR on Pakistan Flooding: UNHCR is reporting that since the flooding began in mid-August, nearly a third of the Sindh province’s 30.4 million residents have been affected. Around 1.6 million people are still displaced. UNHCR has helped with tents, plastic sheeting, and other relief items.  UNICEF explains that as more schools opened up in September, people have begun to return to their villages. As of the end of the month, 2,800 schools have served as temporary shelters for more than 660,000 people, which is in addition to the nearly 10,000 schools that have been damaged by the flooding.

SG to Brief Press Tomorrow: the SG will hold his regular press conference tomorrow at 11 AM.