Global Health: Rounding Up the Round-Ups

I am not going to write you a year end round-up for 2009. Other people are doing an excellent job of that. So, instead, I offer you the best global health year-end round-ups of the year – a round-up of the round-ups:

  1. The Top Five Global Health Innovations of the 2000s. The first time I read the list, I had my doubts. The second time I realized it was spot-on. It’s a great summary of the major technology breakthroughs of the last decade.
  2. USA Today’s Decade in Health. This list is US-focused, but it does touch on some major health issues in the last ten years. I thought the inclusion of SARS and its impact on global cooperation was especially interesting.
  3.’s Five Global Health Success Stories from 2009. This one is a 2009 list, not a decade list. I liked the inclusion of patents as a thought-provoking success story, and it’s always nice to read a list of successes.
  4. Students for Global Health Equity Reflect on the major global health developments of the decade. The student perspective on global health, including PEPFAR, the Gates Foundation, students as a force for good, and debates on governance in global health.