Haiti Earthquake Facts and Figures, Latest Update

The Haitian government has not issued a mortality estimate since January 28, when the government said that 112,405 had died. However, on February 3 the government said that as many as 200,000 may have been killed in the earthquake.  Meanwhile, one of the major new developments of the past week has been a mass exodus from Port au Prince to rural areas. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that over 400,000 Haitians have fled Port au Prince for rural areas in the past two weeks. Food distribution is still a challenge. The World Food Program has reached 1 million Haitians, but there are still 2 million more in need. The document below, from OCHA, quantifies Haiti’s existing needs in the areas of health, food, shelter and water/sanitation. Cluster Situation Map 5 February-1

Photo: Flickr (UN Photo)