Haiti Two Years On: Moving From Camps to Permanent Homes

January 12 marks the two year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. All week on UN Dispatch we will be exploring Haiti’s progress toward recovery and discussing the challenges that the country faces as it moves from humanitarian relief efforts to long term recovery.

I caught up with Robb Skinner of the UN Foundation during a visit to Port au Prince. Robb is a former US foreign service officer in the Caribbean. He has traveled to Haiti five times since the January 2010 earthquake.  When we spoke, Robb had just returned from a trip with UN officials to one of the cities largest camp for people displaced by the earthquake.  Robb discusses the progress he has seen over the past two years and also explains why it is so hard to help move people from temporary shelters to permanent homes. Have a listen.

UN Dispatch Interview: Haiti Two Years On by UN Dispatch