Happy Handwashing Day!

I don’t want to give away one of the answers to the Better World Campaign’s quiz on the MDGs, but this will provide at least a hint for #4…

Today is the first UN-organized “Global Handwashing Day,” in which an estimated 120 million children are expected to take part. The day is devoted to conveying a simple, but often under-appreciated, health measure.


“The message we are really trying to get out is the importance of correctly washing your hands with soap and water at the critical times,” Unicef’s senior Sanitation and Hygiene programme adviser, Therese Dooley, said.


Unicef says using soap to wash hands, particularly after contact with excreta, can reduce diarrhoeal diseases by over 40% and respiratory infections by 30%.

This may seem an obvious precaution, but in South Asia, where half the population has no access to toilets, its importance cannot be understated.

(It seems that folks in northern Britain could stand for a handwashing lesson as well.)

(H/T Passport)