Health Workforce Crisis has Deadly Impact in Many Countries, UN Report Warns

whologo2.jpg “With at least 10 million people dying each year from largely preventable infectious diseases and complications of pregnancy and delivery, the United Nations today marked World Health Day with an urgent call for more than 4 million additional doctors, nurses, midwives, managers and public health workers for developing countries.

“The global population is growing, but the number of health workers is stagnating or even falling in many of the places where they are needed most,” UN World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Lee Jong-wook said of the stark statistics detailed in his agency’s World Health Report 2006 – Working Together for Health, issued today. “Across the developing world, health workers face economic hardship, deteriorating infrastructure and social unrest. In many countries, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has also destroyed the health and lives of health workers,” he added, noting that the report sets out a 10-year plan to address the crisis.” [Read more]

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