a photo of the UN building in New York, via Wikimedia Commons

Here are the Big Stories That will Drive the Agenda at the UN Summit in New York. An UNGA Preview

The UN Summit kicks off next week in New York! This is always the most exciting time of year for us UN nerds. And between the Pope and Putin, this year’s UN General Assembly promises to be a very interesting one.

Here with me to break down what to expect at the UN in the coming weeks and how to make sense of it all is Richard Gowan. We discuss the big stories, the overlooked stories, and political intrigue that will accompany the 70th UN General Assembly.

Gowan is a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and also with the Center on International Cooperation, where he was previously research director. He is a columnist for World Politics Review.

Some highlights from this conversation

The SDG Summit and the Pope’s visit — 2:00

Putin’s first UNGA in 10 years — 3:01

How will the Refugee Criss be discussed? – 6:45

The Pope as a politician — 11:01

This will be Ban Ki Moon’s second-to-last UNGA. What’s his legacy? Who will replace him next year? — 17:55

Why President Obama is hosting a special summit on UN Peacekeeping — 20:55

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