How “The Girl Effect” Has Changed International Development

The “Girl Effect” is a concept that has been around international development for the better part of a decade. It refers to the community and societal benefits that can accrue when investments are made in the education and health of girls. The concept has been backed up by research over the years and is now a driving force guiding many health and development projects.

“The Girl Effect” is also the name of a non profit dedicated to catalyzing its namesake, and on the podcast today is the organization’s CEO Jessica Posner.

In our conversation, Jessica Posner kicks off by explaining the concept of the girl effect, and then we have a longer conversation about the work of the organization she leads. This includes projects aimed at increasing the demand for reproductive health services and education among young women and girls in the developing world.

If you have 20 minutes and want to learn how the girl effect has evolved as a driving force in international development, have a listen.

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